Gauthier Legend Collection

A family tree filled with champions

With their combined years of experience and awards, Francois, Josiane, and Jonathan Gauthier are an unstoppable force in our industry. Every piece in this collection reflects each member’s distinct style and intention, seamlessly weaving function, fashion, and comfort.

Francois Gauthier

Francois Gauthier is among the most respected reining trainers in the industry. With more than 40 years of experience training and showing reining horses, he has created an impressive legacy. Additionally, he has earned two silver medals from the World Equestrian Games and numerous derby, congress, and open futurity wins.

Jonathan Gauthier

Jonathan Gauthier has earned the status of Top 20 NRHA Professionals, won several prestigious individual titles, and coached the French and Danish Reining Teams to international success. Additionally, Gauthier has spent more than ten years operating successful horse training and showing businesses.

Josiane Gauthier

Josiane Gauthier is an accomplished reining horse trainer, riding coach, and professional show exhibitor. Her success at winning major events, both nationally and internationally, is a testament to the endless hours, hard work, and firm commitment she puts into every aspect of her personal and professional life.

Gauthier Legend Collection