Tombstone Collection

Something for every character in your favorite Western.

Our Tombstone Collection of bits and spurs can ignite your inner risk-taker or satisfy your need for a quiet ride. Embellished with sterling silver motifs against a dark, rustic frame, this lineup speaks to the lawless lifestyle of the Wild West.

Tombstone Gambler

In horse riding, a little luck goes a long way. The Tombstone Gambler Collection of bits and spurs has a dark frame lined with silver card suits to represent the risk-taker inside every horseman.

Tombstone Outlaw

Reflecting the gritty legacy of the “Wildest Town in the West,” the Tombstone Outlaw Collection of bits and spurs features a pistol and floral trim against a rugged antique finish.

Tombstone Peacemaker

Riding these majestic creatures, we’ve all learned to make peace with tough decisions. However, it’s all worth it for the peace of mind our horses give us in those moments when we get to just ride.